Hypocrite EMT angers co-workers by demanding transport via ambulance for minor injury

City of Debiles EMT Jonny Languens received a broken pinky and ring finger overnight on duty. Much to the dismay of his co-workers the EMT demanded transport to the ER via an ambulance.

AmbulanceThis incident occurred right after a shift change. The Crew for Ambulance 138 was conducting a per shift inspection of their rig. They found that day shift crewmembers had not done a good job of re-stocking items.

Jonny was reaching inside a compartment when his partner Dave accidently bumped the door. The spring-loaded hinges snapped the door closed on Jonny’s fingers. Initially the injury was assumed to be minor.

EMS director Bill Vorto brought the EMT into the break room to look at the injury. Vorto gave Jonny an icepack and asked him to relax for a few minutes. Within about ten minutes Jonny knew his injury was worse than simple bruising.

Director Vorto tells us. “Jonny calls me over and asks if he can go to the ER. I told him sure. Said I already made some calls to have someone come in to cover his shift. We both just stare at each other. I was wondering why he was not walking out to his car. After about a minute of uncomfortable silence he tells me to call one of the other rigs in off the street.”

Dave, Jonny’s partner said this. “What a little fucking hypocrite. He is the first person to bitch about people calling the booboo bus. One time he even made up a logo calling us the ALS Taxi service. Dude has hairline fractures on two fingers of his left hand, when he is right handed. The ER is less than one mile away. He could have driven that no problem.”

Four other co-workers used the word hypocrite to describe Jonny for this needless EMS transport.

“What is makes me most upset” Director Vorto says “is how this caused me to have two less ambulances on the street. Ambulance 138 was off the road because a crewmen was hurt, then Ambulance 142 has to transport that crewmen. What if a real call came in?”

EMT Languens was not willing to talk to us about this incident.

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