In honor of EMS week frequent flyer drives self to hospital

Amy Oddham loves the EMTs and Paramedics in her city. She loves them so much she makes a point to see them once every other week. Typically for what nothing more than an ALS Taxi ride to the local ER.

EMS Week

EMS Week Poster

Mrs. Oddham is what EMS providers all over the world call a frequent flyer. Meaning someone who calls for an ambulance ride on a more than regular basis. Every city and every ambulance service has their own version of Amy Oddham.

For Amy her trips to the ER typically involve issues with her allergies. She seems to be allergic to everything. From grass to gluten and pet dander to potatoes Amy gets that “icky” feeling from most anything she comes into contact with.

Amy tells CallTheCops that she knows he trips to the ER often times annoy the medics who have to deal with her. “I am sure they would rather be doing CPR or some exciting surgery skill they are trained to do on a sidewalk. But instead they are carting around a middle-aged women with a diarrhea caused by exposure to the wrong food stuff.”

When she saw a sign a friend post on Facebook about this week being EMS week Amy decided to do something nice. “Well at first I wanted to bake them cookies. But then I realized that would cause some lower GI track distress. So then I said maybe I would buy them cookies, if I don’t bake my allergies should not kick in. Next think I know I am standing in the isle at the grocery store and suddenly I feel my bowels about to pop.”

According to Amy that was when she had her epiphany. “I decided then and there I would drive myself into the hospital. For EMS week my gift to the local EMTs would be free of the annoyance of transporting me.”

Local EMTs were advised by management not to go on record with CallTheCops. Off the record they all said how they wished other frequent flyers would follow he lead.

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