Firefighter to executive chef bridge program announced

Bridge programs are popular in EMS a s way to move from Paramedic to RN at a much lower cost than getting a full nursing degree. Now one college is announcing a program to allow firefighters looking for a career change to speed up a second degree.

cooksFullerton Union College has just announced starting next year they will have a bridge program to allow firefighters to complete their executive chef training program in only one year. The college says firefighters with five years or more experience on the job already have real world skills in cooking and menu planning.

“We can accelerate them through our program by accepting all general education credits from whatever fire science degree they might have and also giving credit for life experience.” Said Professor Luke Manfe. “Right now there is a high demand for chefs so this program will help us get more well trained professionals into fine restaurant kitchens.”

Firefighter turned chef Chris Hanson told us. “My department had such a moral issue. People were so negative, I would escape to the kitchen to cook just to keep my attitude in check. Then I discovered I had a passion for cooking. From talking to brothers at other stations I found out they had some of the same issues. Next thing you know I am applying to cooking school.”

The program is taking applications now for the first class in the bridge program to start in January.

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