Community upset by Fire department use of Assault Impact Tools

Firefighter Pete Lattimer is somewhat of an inventor. Recently he made some modifications to an impact tool that have caused members of his community to lose faith in their fire department.

Rescue-GunLattimer told CallTheCops, “I was doing some confined space training and realized I wanted just a little be more light. I also realized the need to apply more pressure and had an instance of wanting to see something a little clearer. So I modified an impact tool with a forearm grip, a flashlight and a magnifying lens.”

Members of the community think the tool looks like an AR-15. One local resident told us “I once thought that the firemen were our heroes. Now they look like jack booted thugs carrying military grade weapons. Just the name ‘impact tool’. Why would they need something so violent it even has a violent name? Then look at it… it is an assault tool!”

The mayor is also concerned. “I am all for allow them the tools to get the job done. But can’t they get the job done with a normal rescue tool? Do they need this assault tool? First my police department went to war with the population, now it seems the fire department is gearing up for war. What next? Will the water department need assault meter readers?”

One manufacturer has taken notice. They have offered Lattimer money to buy his design and use it for a new line of rescue tools. A spokesperson added, “Our marketing people are telling us we need to paint them black and call them “tactical rescue tools” this way cops will buy them. Marketing seems to think anything painted black labeled ‘tactical’ is a sure sale to the police.”

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