EMS director refuses to hire redheads because gingers don’t have a soul!

Gil Lockhart Director of Herbe Garden EMS district is being investigated for discrimination. Apparently he is refusing to hire or continue the employment of any red haired employees.

Gingers don't have soulsAfter taking office two years ago a number of otherwise good employees have been the targets of excessive discipline. Director Lockhart began to write these employees up for any little violation, while seemingly ignoring similar violations by other employees. The target EMTs all had red hair.

In addition Crew Chiefs have noticed how they have given a recommendation to hire prospective employees after interviews. Only to have the director say no for some lame reason. All these prospective employees were red heads.

Employee’s seeking to find out what was going on put on hidden microphones. They then engaged Lockhart in conversation. Some quotes of note said by Lockhart are…

“To save a life, you know as in save a soul still here on earth, you need to have faith, you need a soul yourself”

“Obviously Christians make the best EMTs because their souls are already saved by Christ. Only if you have been saved can you save others.”

“I could never date a redhead… you know gingers don’t have souls… so they will always turn to evil… my wife will be pure not evil.”

Based on these comments and others the employees who were terminated are trying to file a discrimination lawsuit. Most of the attorneys they talked to say that “Red Hair” is not a “protected class” according to employment law. As such the case might not get traction.

We will update this story as it develops.

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