EMS director clueless as to why social media campaign is not going viral

Joe Miller director of Northline EMS had for years resisted allowing his service to have a social media presence. Last week after attending a social media workshop at a local community college, Miller changed his mind. But getting a foothold online is not working out as he had hoped.

EMS Social media

EMS on Social Media

Mr. Miller tells CallTheCops he had feared HIPAA violations so thus did not want his service to have an online presence. His employees though kept asking for permission to start a page. So when a free workshop at Northline Community College was offered, Miller took it.

“I asked the instructor if we needed to worry about HIPAA. He said no, as long as we don’t post about patient information or post photos of patient care taking place. As long as we stick to facts about working in EMS we are in the clear.”

As soon as the workshop was over Director Miller went home and logged into his old MySpace account. He then set up a new MySpace page for his EMS service. Miller spent two more days making a logo and cover photo using MS Paint.

A week later this MySpace page has received few “likes”.

“I don’t get it. Why is no one adding our EMS service as a friend? I sent out emails to everyone I know but it has not helped. I have all these employees who kept saying we needed a page, and yet not one of them friended us.”

Employees talking to us off the record tell CallTheCops they tried to explain to Mr. Miller he needed to use Facebook. Apparently Miller responds saying he knows what he is doing and then tells the employee to “get back to work”.

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