City Water dept to ration Fire Department water use at fire scenes

The city water department is claiming the fire department is using too much water at fire scenes. This overuse of water is causing the water dept to have a budget shortfall and look bad in the eyes of the city council.

fire-hydrant-flowingDirector Paul Shannon says his department is losing money hand over fist due to lazy firefighters only making exterior attacks. “Hey I was a volunteer firefighter back in the day so I know what it takes to make an attack. But I see them surround every fire with dozens of two and a half inch lines dumping gallons of water like it is free.”

Chief Ed Kasalivich says the water department is full of shit. “When an interior attack is appropriate we make them. When it is not we don’t. Now as for his budget shortfall, why is he paid $200,000 a year, plus collect overtime if he comes in on nights or weekends. I am salary and don’t get extra pay for all the night and weekend calls I come in for. Oh and don’t get me started on some of the other wasted money his department spends on things.”

The water department has attached meter systems to all the engines at the pump inlets. The meter shuts off the valve to the inlet once about 5,000 gallons has entered the pump. Each of the cities pumpers has an internal tank of about 1,500 gallons.

“These fancy digital flow gauges that shut the valve on the pumps cost thousands of dollars.” Said the Chief, “More money he blows on stupidly trying to save a few pennies down the road.”

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