Rumor: St. Louis Police to stop providing security at Rams games

On Sunday players for the St. Louis Rams came onto the field with their hands up. This has become an anti-police symbol to signify police murdering people. The NFL players did this in response to the Grand Jury Decision in the Mike Brown shooting.

Image from Getty Images

Image from Getty Images

Overnight the St. Louis Police released an official statement condemning the players actions. The statement pointed out how all week long during civil unrest situations around St. Louis the Rams kept calling on the police to make sure they could play their game Sunday. This move was like a slap in the face, the Rams were in effect saying, we need you to make millions playing a game but we hate you and will disrespect you hahaha…

A source inside the police department said that top brass are looking into ending providing all security to the Rams and to Edward Jones stadium. This includes on the stadium property and also traffic issues around the stadium on game days.

According to our source. “Hey they think we are killers, then I guess they don’t need us. Let them figure out how to keep the team safe and make sure traffic keeps moving.” The NFL does pay for the officer overtime to work games. So it is likely they can afford to pay for private security to come in also. “Money is not the point. The point is convenience. Will the traffic snarls make it so people stop wanting to come to games? Will people feel safe at the games with rent-a-cop or rather stay home?”

It was even hinted that the city would write citations if traffic problems were not fixed in timely fashion. Meaning the rent-a-cops hired to help had better be top notch or the security company might lose profits.

Calls and emails to the NFL and the Ram were not returned at the time of publication.

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