Woman calls 911 after she thinks her new boyfriend has stroke.

A woman in Argot North California called 911 when her new boyfriend started using words she did not understand. Kathy Lingoa has been dating Gerald Word for two weeks. The two met on a dating website and have been chatting online for several months.


Ambulance (iStockphoto)

Due to their work schedules, Kathy is a church secretary and Gerald is a Deputy Sheriff for a local Sheriff’s office, they were only able to meet in person two weeks ago. After the third date Gerald suddenly started using words and phrases that made no sense. Kathy told this reporter, “he looked at me with a question in his eyes and said ’10-9’ and when I did not respond he waved me off. Later in the meal he said ‘this is a great place for a seven, isn’t it?’ And later when we were done and the check was paid he said meet me IFO the place I am 7-B and walked off. I did not know what to do so I called 911 for an ambulance. “

When the ambulance arrived, not knowing it was called for him, Gerald went to the crew and showed them his credentials and said he could “cover them” if needed. “When I heard the EMTs talk to Gerald in the same manner I thought I was the one having a stroke!” Kathy went on to say. Come to find out the three were using “cop slang,” a common occurrence in public safety personnel.

“ LEO’s, like any profession, tend to have their own language and that creeps into their off duty life as well,” said Professor Ron Lexicon of the North Carolina Universities Police Stress Lab. “Most spouses pick up on this and understand it quite well. It does take some getting used to though.”

Argot County Sheriff Hooker heard of the incident while reading the past days dispatch notes. He thinks it’s quite funny and was quoted, “I am going to make a Police-English phrase book!”

Sheriff Hooker is currently looking for an agent for his book “Hookers Lingo”.

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