Supreme court rules Fireworks covered by 2nd amendment

The US Supreme Court made a surprise ruling this week just in time for the fourth of July holiday. Fireworks are covered by the second amendment as a right for all Americans to partake in.


Illegal Fireworks now legal

In many jurisdictions across the US fireworks are essentially banned for use by law. The only people allowed to legally set off the fireworks are licensed companies. Most average citizens are upset by this fact. Everyday people feel they should be able to use bottle rockets and fire crackers.

The group Patriotic Pyrotechnicians For Prosperity, PP4P, filed suit after members were issued citations for fireworks a number of years ago. It has taken a long time but the Supreme Court finally heard arguments this year.

According to PP4P the 2nd amendment allows all citizens to bear arms. The “arms” are not limited to guns. The military uses rockets and explosives, meaning citizens should be allowed explosives also.

PP4P made arguments that limited access to explosives is the American way. They argued that an average citizen does not need military grade bombs, but simple fireworks do have some defensive value.

The justices agreed with the argument.

Citizens have the right to use simple explosives to provide shock and awe for defensive use. Celebration is also covered as part of shock and awe. In the majority response the justices wrote

“The display of civic pride and patriotism shown by blowing things up in a civilian neighborhood provides a level of defensive measure. Our enemies see that our citizens are armed and also are able to deploy rockets and other explosives in our homes. This keeps foreign armies from wanting to invade US soil… It is the opinion of this court that fireworks do provide for the defensive of the nation and for individuals right… This court Finds that fireworks are protected by the 2nd Amendment and all citizens should be allowed access to buy and set them off.

City and District attorneys across the country are issuing orders to police officers and sheriff’s deputies to stop harassing citizens with fireworks.

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