TSA admits to HR SNAFU allowing sex offenders to be hired

We all have heard the joke, TSA = Tolerating Sexual Assault. Turns out the joke may be more real than anyone could have guessed.


TSA agent feeling some balls

An undisclosed number of TSA screeners have been found to be convicted sex offenders. Most still registered as sex offenders. Yet still able to work groping away at air travelers.

The error stems from the use of a private security company to complete the background checks. An internal memo obtained from the TSA outlines what took place. “Our instructions to the company said ‘complete background check that includes a driver history and credit history’. The contractor took the instructions too literal. The only background they checked was driving and credit history.”

Meaning that all the TSA screeners this contractor was responsible for clearing, none got a real background investigation. They ran two computer checks then told the TSA the person was safe to hire.

An air traveler was the first to point out the possibility a sex offender has just groped him. Bob Zulawski took a trip to Rockford to start looking at houses before his company transfers him there in October.

Zulawski explains “I spent two days looking at houses. Then I went on the Sex Offender Registry web page to see if I needed to worry about any of the locations we looked at. The photo of the one guy just jumped out at me, reminded me of an old gym teacher.”

Then the next day when flying back home Zulawski was reminded of an old gym teacher again. When he is getting a random pat down by the TSA.

Sitting in the terminal Zulawski was disturbed by the pat down. Even more so a nagging feeling that twice in less than 12 hours he saw someone who reminded him of that old gym teacher.

Zulawski pulled out his laptop and accessed the Sex Offender Registry. Pulled up the profile and walked back to the TSA check point. He felt sick to his stomach when the guy he was looking at working the check point was that same guy on his computer screen.

“I got the attention of a female TSA agent. I told her a lie that I wanted to give a positive comment about that male agent and asked his name. She told me his name, sure enough it was the same name as creepy gym teacher looking guy on the sex offender web page”

The TSA has refused to comment except to say they are working to fix the issue.



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