Police chief ruins budget over bet with his officers

Chief Ronald Coleman of the Cutlerville, IL, police department has created for himself a budget fiasco. He has exhausted all monies from his budget for equipment upgrades and repairs. The reason, he bet his officers they could not get back into shape.

Police Fitness

Thin blue line on a kettle bell

Chief Coleman said he wanted to try an innovative approach to get his officers to drop a few pounds. His innovation, offer some little incentives.

Officers who dropped 10lbs got an extra two days of vacation added to their vacation bank for the year.

Officers who lost 20lbs would get new uniforms and vest paid for by the department not from their yearly uniform allowance. The chief figured anyone who drops this much weight will need uniforms in a new size.

Officers who lost 30lbs would get a new mini Glock with holster as a back-up gun and/or off duty carry (the PD currently does not provide optional 2nd guns or off-duty guns).

“I assumed at most I would have to buy only 1 or 2 guns. As for uniforms I figured I might have to buy at most five sets.”

The chief was stunned when all 40 of the officers on his department got serious about fitness.

“40 Glocks cost a lot of money. Outfitting 40 people with new uniforms and vest is also a ton of money. Union contract calls for all new hires to get four sets of uniforms, so that was 160 sets of uniforms.”

Officers are amazed that everyone participated in the fitness program also. But as one officer admitted, “no one wanted to be the officer who did not get a gun. It was like peer pressure took over and next thing you know we all got ripped.”

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