State Trooper makes traffic stop, issues verbal warning

Sunday afternoon trooper Barry Allen did something he never has done before. Trooper Allen made a traffic stop and let the driver off with a verbal warning.

Traffic Stop

A squad car making a Traffic stop (iStock Image)

It all started just after 7:15pm on a slow stretch of highway 10. Trooper Allen had parked on an old logging road at the intersection with the highway. His intent was to get caught up on paperwork, but decided to turn on the RADAR gun just incase.

Sure enough within a few minutes the tones on the RADAR gun hit a pitch that caused him to look at the screen. Only one car was on the road coming at him. The display speed showed 72MPH. Highway 10 in this section is only a 55MPH zone.

The trooper activated his emergency lights and the vehicle pulled over. Upon approaching the vehicle the trooper saw a male driver, with a teenage passenger.

“I told the driver the reason for my stop and asked if he know the speed limit. The driver said he did and then apologized for speeding. When I asked why he was speeding the driver offered up the only original excuse I have ever heard.”

According to the trooper the driver said, “This is my one weekend a month with my son. He was having trouble with some homework so I was helping him. After getting his homework done we played some Xbox, kind of lost track of time. Seeing how we were running late on getting him home I decided we would get fast food on the way. As usual the fast food was slow”. It should be noted the trooper saw fast food bags on the floor of the car and cups in the cup holder. “Our agreement says I need to have him home by 8pm. We are still 50 miles from her house and have less than 40 minutes to make it. My ex-wife gets very upset if I am not perfectly on time.”

Trooper Allen returned to his car and started to think about his own ex-wife and issues with his own child custody. He then texted a buddy who was a city cop asking advise. The city cop said, “dude has earned a verbal warning, he needs the break and you know it.”

A feeling slowly overtook Trooper Allen, one he had never felt before. A feeling few state troopers have ever felt. That feeling was the desire to give a verbal warning.

“Yes I will admit it, I gave someone a verbal warning. If I had the chance to go back in time and re-live that traffic stop, I would do it again.”

State Patrol supervisors were unwilling to comment on this story.

CalltheCops first broke this story last night on our brand new YouTube Channel, (video below) when we were tipped off about the text sent to the city officer. We did not have the full story till press time this morning.

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