After massacre in China, Knife control and registration priority for US Law makers.

A group of assailants attacked commuters at a rail station in Kunming China. The attack left 33 dead and over 130 more with injuries. Most troubling is the attackers only had knifes.

assault knife

Assault knife control coming soon?

Senator Jill Hibben of Connecticut took to the Sunday morning political talk shows to push a new agenda. Knife control, the senator claims is needed to go in parallel to gun control.

“If a people who are not allowed gun can still have massacres on this level then we need to be controlling more than guns.” According to Senator Hibben “obviously knifes are just as deadly and need to be looked at also.”

The Senator feels she is an expert on this issue due laws he state of Connecticut has passed.

“My state is making great steps on gun control. We are requiring all assault rifles to be registered along with high capacity magazines. But why stop with firearms? People should also be registering their assault knifes.”

According to the Senator’s plan all knifes manufactured for a purpose other than cooking would be an assault knife. Even cooking knifes with a blade longer than four inches would need registration as high-powered blade.

“When a country that has done so much to disarm the population has a massacre like this, it shows guns are not the only problem.” The Senator then went off on this only somewhat related tangent. “I often times get a chance to see the backrooms of places I visit. This includes the kitchens of restaurants.” According to Senator Hibben, “every commercial kitchen I go into is filled with convicted felons working. They each have access to big knifes.

Erin Emerson, a congressional aid to Senator Hibben, spoke to Callthecops.

“What the Senator has come to realize is that people who want to commit crimes will find ways around the law. Outlaw guns and the people will pick up knifes. As such we are going to be pushing forward Knife control laws at the same time as gun control. This way we will disarm the people of both at the same time.”

Senate Aid Emerson wanted to reiterate they only want to regulate assault knifes and high-powered blades. Average home cooks will not be effected.

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