NYPD planning puke protest in response to no off time order

Tensions between NYPD officers and the Mayor of NYC are heating up again. According to the NY Post the NYPD brass will not allow vacation or sick days until NYPD cops start writing more tickets. In response cops are intentionally getting the flu so they will vomit at work.

nypd-MemoThis unofficial puking protest is being spearheaded by officers with kids that are sick with the flu. Off duty cops are being invited over to hang out with the sick kids.

One Sergeant describes the surreal scene at his house. “So I got five of the guys over hanging out with my little Jimmy. You should have seen it. Jimmy laying on the couch playing Xbox and these five cops are sitting on the floor right by him. Anytime he coughed they huddle around trying to breath in any germs he let out.”

Many cops reported similar situations. In addition any officer who comes down with the flu is hosting their brothers and sisters to catch the bug.

“Man is was great” an anonymous officer told us “I walked into the Captains office and asked to go home sick. He said I looked like shit but due to my lack of arrests during the slowdown I was not allowed to go home. Before he finished his sentence I was barfing right on his desk.”

NYPD brass points out that sick cops can take a sick day if they see the doctor. Union officials counter with the fact the insurance requires a co-pay for visits to urgent care or the emergency room. The only way to get a Doctor note on short notice is to see a walk in clinic doc. Meaning this new policy is costing cops money.

Officers are saying they are just taking the “Blue Flu” to the next level. “Oh brother it was amazing what I did. This lady calls in a theft complaint. I puke right on her floor. The CSI geeks get all pissed off cuz I contaminated their scene with my DNA. The LT wanted to send me home but the Captain said NO WAY… I ended up puking at like four other crime scenes yesterday. If the political big wigs think they can outsmart us… they have another thing coming.”

The NYPD told CallTheCops they could not release the numbers on how many officers are out sick and how many requests for sick days have been denied citing HIPPA laws.

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