Mayor DeBlasio looking to disband the NYPD

In the wake of recent events the Mayor of New York city is looking at options to disband the NYPD. Sources close to the Mayor tell CallTheCops that between NYPD cops disrespecting the Mayor and the current work slowdown it is obvious the NYPD is beyond help.

Mayor DeBlasio - by John Moore/Getty Images

Mayor DeBlasio – by John Moore/Getty Images

Internal memos and leaks from inside sources paint a picture about how this disbandment would work. If the plan goes forward the City of New York would not be patrolled by a government police force. Instead the city would look at a privatization model much like the military uses in the Middle East.

Much of this model of privatization for city police comes right from Police History. Most early forms of policing were private citizens stopping crime for rewards. The “Thief-Taker” system in England would best describe the direction NYC is going.

According to one memo

Crime victims will call 911. The dispatcher will call the next Private Investigator on the list. That investigator can accept the crime scene or not. If they do the city pays a stipend for them to respond and take the initial complaint. These stipend will not be enough to make a liable wage. Thus there is an incentive to actually solve the crime. Additional bounty money will be paid for making an arrest and getting a conviction in court.

The memo also outlines how this will be an economic boom to the city.

Good cops will start investigative firms. These firms will hire other good cops. Businesses looking for more security will hire these firms to provide extra guards. Neighborhoods looking for crime prevention will hire these firms for private patrol operations. This get people off the city payroll but yet create many new private jobs.

Our source also thinks that competition between firms will cause the public to get better police service. “Hey think of it this way. Someone can call 911 or they can call the investigator they want direct. You hear someone is good what will you do? Call 911 and hope to get a good investigator or call an investigator directly. So only the best investigation firms will last and this will cause more crimes to be solved than ever.”

NYPD administration was not willing to go on record for this story.

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