Judge says “I was just protesting” now a legal defense

Over the weekend the memorial for fallen Denver police officers was vandalized by so-called protestors. Denver police were told to not prevent what the protestors had planned. Now a US Judge and legal scholar says this action sets a legal precedent, the protest defense.

Denver-PD-Memorial“By saying that protesting action, the police know is a crime, should be overlooked they in effect allowed all others to claim that as a legal precedent. What the protestors did is known as Criminal Damage To Property. A police officer is expected to affect an arrest when a crime takes place right in front of them.”

Dozens of police witnessed the protest. In actuality the police protected the protestors to ensure they could commit this crime.

“That is the real problem. The police kept the protestors safe from average citizens looking to take action for the desecration of that memorial. You got people yelling and screaming to end the protest as these hippies take photos of themselves proud of their destruction.”

By failing to make the arrests and providing protection, the police as a government organization sanctioned the criminal act. Thus opening the door to say the government allows criminal actions done in the name of protest.

“This is a Pandora’s Box of trouble. Next time there is a protest people will be allowed to set fires, cause injury and more. But they will never have to pay for their actions, all they will say is “I was protesting” and boom… they have a defense for their lawyer to get them off on.”

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