Al-Shabaab quietly re-tooling Mall of America Attack plan

On Saturday a video of an Al-Shabaab leader calling for attacks on shopping malls was released. The narrator specifically called out for attacks on the Mall Of America. Now intelligence sources claim the terror group is quietly re-thinking that part of their plan.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.09.57 AMA source deep inside the US intelligence community tells CallTheCops that chatter between terrorists picked up soon after video came out. Much of the communication seemed to be a call for changing the plan to avoid the Mall of America.

“These guys all live out in the desert. They look up Minnesota and find out the temperate is currently -10F (or -23 Celsius) these guys are scared of trying to operate in that cold. In addition one guys pointed out the midwest of the USA is known for hunting, as in people good with guns. Any armed assault will be put down before it gets truly started.”

Other targets were talked about and then dismissed.

  • Chicago is a gun fee zone, but also just as cold.
  • The South is warm, but red necks living in the south have loads of guns and hate “outsiders”.
  • Florida is warm and fewer rednecks, but Disney raised prices and the budget will not allow that trip.
  • Utah came up in one email, but they don’t know anything about it other than the Mormon Church and Al-Shabaab is afraid of “that Church”.
  • Arazona and New Mexico then came up, but again lots of gun owners and also the issue of wanting to kill Americans not Illegal Aliens.

Finally they have decided on seeking a target in southern Kansas. Likely not a mall but someplace more like a Wal-Mart or a Payless shoes. The US intelligence community says they will keep local Law Enforcement up-to-date as informations becomes available.

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