Illinois police will use medical cannabis on duty

Last year in Illinois a medical cannabis pilot program was created by legislation and signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn. Now the Illinois police officer standards board is issues a policy to police chiefs, “officers shall use cannabis on duty”.

Medical-THCThe move to force officers to be on marijuana while working is an experiment in reducing police use of force. Medical researchers have found that police officers are alway under stress while on duty. One effect of THC, the intoxicating ingredient in marijuana, is to mello people out.

Dr. Jeffrey Spicoli explains “Police officers develop this natural suspecision of all people. When they interact with a civilian it is easy for a super keyed up officer to mistake any movement for a threatening move and thus use force. Our theory is that officers on THC will not mistake natural movements for active physical threats.”

Because IL is allowing medical cannabis, all officers in the state will be getting prescriptions for the marijuana.

Chief Vargas from the city of Ridgemont says his officers will be taking THC in pill form. “I don’t want the citizens to think my officers will be driving around smoking a bong. No going to happen. The policy will be to get the THC in pill form. At the start of shift they will take the prescribed dosage and then again midway through the shift a second dose.”

Officers we talked to seemed split on their opinions of taking THC. Many were against the idea, but just as many said they would do as ordered.

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