Sheriff says he is willing to disarm his deputies

The Norse County Sheriff is making headlines for his controversial agreement with anti police political groups. In the wake of multiple use of force incidents across the US some question why we can’t have unarmed police like the cops in the UK have.

Sheriff Eric Northman says that he questions why his deputies actually need guns. In the past one hundred twenty years of recorded Norse County history no Law Officer in the county has ever shot a suspect. “Sure back in the mid 1800s we had deputies shot some people, but that was frontier justice not modern law enforcement.”

Activists are saying that police having firearms is the reason why so many police shooting happen. According to the organization Police Abuse Should Stop (PASS) “When police show up with guns it causes normal people to get nervous. That nervousness then causes them to act out in odd ways. Police misinterpret the behavior as violent so they cops shoot first and ask questions later.”

PASS spokespeople say “So you see if the cops don’t have guns the violence against cops will go down. We know that there are some crazy people out there so we are not calling for all cops to be disarmed. Just like the normal patrol guys. Detectives and Administrators who have proven themselves level headed could have guns. Then dispatchers would know what officers to send on calls that are most likely to be violent.”

“I don’t feel comfortable only allowing a few deputies guns. My deputies will still have firearms in their squads, but not on their hips.” Sheriff Northman Explains. “Look at my jail. None of the jail guards are armed, but locked away back in the office they have access to gun if needed. Same will be for the patrol deputies. No need for it, no need to carry it, but if the needs comes up they can go get the guns.”

Many government leaders and police watchdog groups are hoping that Norse County could be a pilot test for the rest of the country.

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