HazMat Team says it is too cold to respond, call them after it warms up

A small Wisconsin community is dealing with a derailed train right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Due to sub-zero temperatures the HazMat teams are refusing to respond, they claim the scene is contained as long as it is cold.

HazMat train crashThe train derailed about 2am and sheriff’s deputies responded. Initially they cordoned off a few hundred yard exclusionary zone. Fire department officials said the cars were not leaking fluids despite the cracked shipping vessels. The reason for the lack of leaks, the chemical, Chlorine Dioxide Hydrate is shipped frozen.

HazMat teams have said as long as temperatures keep low the material will stay as ice. Meaning they will not respond out to the scene.

A state HazMat response member told CallTheCops “Look why should we go out there and freeze our butts off? With the chemical frozen there is no hazard. The transport company can their crews to get the scene safe. If it warms up then call us and we will take care of the hazard then.”

Railroad officials say they want the HazMat team to clean up the chemicals before they will pick up the train cars. Weathermen say the village can expect sub-zero and single digit temperatures until the weekend.

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