City to rename police to better reflect job and improve morale

Police agencies are being criticized for how they tactics being used by officers. For a few cities renaming the police is being seen as a way to make sure the public knows what to expect from cops. The new title for officers will be Lawkeeper.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 12.00.35 PM“When people think about police, they think about the cop walking the beat, the peace keepers” said Mayor Rosewater. “With the title Lawkeeper, it is clear the cops are there to arrest people in violation of laws set by the city. If need be, they will use force ensure citizens follow the law.”

Chief Josh Nolan explains in more detail. “For too long my officers have been expected to be Jack-of-all-Trades. We mediate neighbor issues, we solve minor family problems, and we have to do law enforcement. From here on out, all we will do is Lawkeeping. If you call us it better be about a crime.”

Citizens are being told if they have a dispute with neighbors to call a lawyer or other professional mediation service. If kids are refusing to goto school call social services or get your family into therapy.

The US DOJ is keeping a close eye on how things develop and might recommend this name change for other police agencies.

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