City enacts new fitness standards, expects all cops to pass test every year, no exceptions

The city of Credula police department has enacted a very strict new fitness policy. Previously only new hires had to pass a fitness exam. When this policy takes effect on July 1, all officers will need to pass the test, or face termination.

Police Fitness

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Chief Tony Franz says that he knows he will lose some officers but is not concerned. “This job requires people to be able to fight and win. We keep getting older, but the suspects are still always still young people. You think some of the people we have on staff can truly take on a 19 year old?”

The new fitness requirement is based on the validated fitness standards for Law Enforcement from the Cooper Institute. Officers will need to complete testing in Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Vertical Jump, 300-meter sprint, and 1.5 mile run. Scoring is based on age and gender normalizations.

For example in the 1.5 mile run scores for a male based on age would be

  • 20-29 – 12 minutes 51seconds
  • 30-39 – 13 minutes 36 seconds
  • 40-49 – 14 minutes 29 seconds
  • 50-59 – 15 minutes 26 seconds

“If someone can’t pass they are put on probation. They get to keep working but have ninety days to re-test. Lets face it anyone can have a bad day or otherwise off day. So they get to pick their re-test date with in a three-month window. If they fail a second time they are suspended with out pay. They then have thirty days to pass the test. If during that suspension time they can’t pass the test, termination papers will be issued.”

Chief Franz never said it but it was implied that when an officer is suspended they would be encouraged to quit. Save the humiliation of getting fired.

“Some of my out of shape officers will be upset. I am sure the union will sue us. Listen to me now and hear me later, I do NOT care. The medical science backs me; cops need to be in shape. You can’t pass the fitness test; you should not be on duty. Progressive discipline is what we are doing, cops now the standards, you get put on probation, then suspended, then fired. The union will not have a leg to stand on.”

None of the officers were willing to go on record for this story. Many did express concern they would not be able to get back into shape fast enough to pass.

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