Advice: DUI expunged but background check shows I still have it

Dear RJ,

When I was 16 I did something dumb and ended up getting a Drunk Driving (DUI) arrest. My dad’s lawyer got it so that at age 18 my juvenile record expunged. That was the only time I got in trouble and learned my lesson that night. Now I am 22 and have a degree in Criminal Justice. I made it to the background check phase of being hired as a police officer. But then they cut me. The background


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investigator said I lied on my application. Said I was arrested for DUI and on my application I noted I have never been arrest. How can they hold that expunge against me, how did they even know I have it and what do I do next?

Dear Wannabe Cop

They can only expunge your criminal record. The arrest records at the police department are still on file and cannot be erased. So when you were asked if you have ever been arrested the answer is YES. It does not matter if the conviction was expunged or not.

So sorry to say this but you got caught in a lie. As such that background investigator was well with in his rights to cut you from the process.

As for what your next move is… I hear that Christmas is coming up so retail stores will be getting busy. I bet a few stores should be looking for security and loss prevention personal. Because Mall Cop at this point that is about as close to being a cop you will ever get.

Being brutally honest here. A DUI arrest (even expunged) will make getting a job at many police departments hard. Getting caught lying about that arrest in one background check will affect your next background check.

Sorry to be the one to give the bad news

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