City of Chicago might pull endorsement of Chicago Fire TV show

The hit NBC show Chicago Fire might have to retool if the city of Chicago has its way. Various elected officials are upset with the portrayal of the city and their heroes. Without the support of the city of Chicago the production will have to move and the show will need to be re-tooled, or possibly just canceled.

Chicago Fire

Cast of Chicago Fire (NBC)

The city officials are most critical of plot points that involve the drug and alcohol use of the Chicago Firefighters. They also take issue with a number of relationships on the show. Notably in fighting between firefighters and even examples of insubordination.

“I am embarrassed to have that show, Chicago Fire, on the air. I can’t tell you how many times people ask me if our firefighters are truly that way. People see stuff on TV and assume it to be real. Just yesterday someone asked why we are not cleaning up the people working on Engine 51 and Ambulance 61. How do you explain to someone that real firefighters and paramedics are not the emotional train wrecks you see on TV?”

The city also has a financial reason to pull support. Right now much of the filming takes place in Chicago. Due to the popularity of the show set security is very high, meaning lots of overtime for the city police force. The city fire department also loans out real equipment to the production, causing non-essential wear-n-tear on mechanical systems.

NBC had been planning a spin-off series called Chicago PD. Support for that show also seems to be in trouble.

Production insiders tell CallTheCops that they are in talks with the cities of Milwaukee and St. Louis to move the show. If a new city cannot be found the show will have to come to an end. But production staff is upbeat that they will secure a deal in a new city shortly.

Our insider tells us the unofficial plan right now is to end Chicago Fire season two by having a massive disaster that will kill a few key main characters. The survivors will then transfer to whichever new city the production picks, where the survivors will eventually reunite as a crew again.

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