California quietly passes law allowing Illegal Immigrants to become cops.

The California Senate held an impromptu special session this weekend to vote on a bill few people knew was in the pipeline. The bill, which was approved, will allow illegal immigrants to be hired as police officers.

illegal aliens

Illegal aliens to be hired as cops

Representative Jack Iactans is the author of the bill. Iactans medically retired from the California Highway Patrol after an on-duty motorcycle crash, which ultimately resulted in his left leg being amputated. Unhappy with how the system treated him, Iactans became an activist for disabled police. His activism activities eventually lead to him seeking political office.

According to Rep Iactans this new change to police officer standards will improve the profession of policing in his state. The politician also hopes his bill will be a model for other states to also do the same.

“We have many crime victims and many more witnesses to crimes unwilling to come forward due to their illegal status. So by getting illegals working as police, our illegal populations will become more willing to come forward. People are usually willing to talk to others like themselves so by having illegals as cops we can better serve that population.”

Officials from the police officer standards board and department of justice were not willing to comment at this time. CallTheCops was not able to find a police chief willing to go on record. Off the record chiefs indicated they will continue to only hire the most qualified applicants.

Critics of the bill all say the same thing, “This law creates a bit of a paradox. Police officers enforce the law, but illegal aliens are here against the law. One would think the first order of business for an illegal alien hired as a cop would be self deportation.”

Citing his three years as a CHP traffic officer Rep Iactans responds with this. “I am in a unique position to know what police work needs. The profession of policing needs some paradigm shifts to keep up with the changing face of America. Hiring quotas based on simple gender and ethnicity is not a reflection of our current community. We have illegals living among us, they deserve to be protected by a police force made up by members of their same community.”

This law is set to go into effect in July. Provisions in the law allow departments to begin accepting applications from illegals now, but can’t make employment offers to them till July 1, 2014.

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