Rookie cop can’t understand why he has not been allowed to shoot anyone yet.

Officer Luke Newton has been on the force for just over nine months now. In that time he has never taken his firearm out of the holster on duty time. The officer tells CallTheCops he is thinking that maybe police work is not what he assumed it would be.

Rookie cop

A rookie police officer with FTO

“I have been watching NCIS and many other police shows for years now. Each week the charters on the shows are always pointing their guns at people. A couple times a season they even pull the trigger.”

The young cops points out that none of the people he works with have ever shot anyone.

“There are 42 sworn police officers here and not one of them has shot anyone. I don’t get it. Every time I log into Facebook I see story after story about police militarization and officers using deadly force. But that is not what I see everyday.”

Working on the midnight shift Officer Newton explains that he spends much of his time responding to calls for service. Many of the calls deal with neighborhood issues such as noise, and nuisance stemming from alcohol consumption. The rookie also claims he goes to a few domestic violence calls a week along with at least one bar skirmish per week.

“Seriously about 90% of the calls we deal with are just drunk people who can’t problem solve an minor issue by them self. I spend all my dam time being some roving social therapist and no time seeing real action.”

Newton tells us he is going to give it till Christmas and then he will start to look for a new job.

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