Police Chief returns from leadership convention in Aruba and announces training budget for 2015 is exhausted

Chief Al Jardine from the City of Wilson police department made a startling announcement to his officers yesterday. The department’s training budget is for 2015 has been all used up. Officers will be unable to attend any training except for inhouse offered inservice training.

ArubaThe chief made this announcement on his first day back to work after returning from a convention for police chiefs held in Aruba. The ten day convention on the tropical island attracted many police executives from the upper midwest.

According to the chief when he was at the convention he learned many new things he will want to implement at his department. “We did yoga on the beach, SCUBA diving and had some leadership seminars. I think my officers need to learn yoga to reduce stress. We also have a lake near by so my CSI guys need to learn SCUBA diving. Also any leadership skills someone in my spot can pick up are worth it.”

Officers were not willing to talk to CallTheCops. Rumor has it that many cops feel the chief blew the budget on his extravagant vacation that is only masquerading as convention. The chief insists there was no fun on his trip it was all work.

“I already made it clear, stress management, underwater CSI and leadership, all skills I learned on this trip and hope to someday pass on to my officers once we get some money in the training budget.”

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