Police Chief refuses to call officer “Doctor” after he earned his PhD

Chief Donald Glupi is causing tensions in his department after refusing to acknowledge the accomplishment of Officer David “Roz” Rozgrniety, PhD. Dr. Roz, as his co-workers have taken to calling him, successfully defended his dissertation in December. This earned him his PhD in Criminal Justice from John Jay College, a noted and well-respected school.


A Patrol Cop with a PhD

After earning his degree Dr. Roz requested to get a new nameplate printed indicating his title. The Chief refused. Even when Rozgrniety offered to pay out of pocket for the new nametags the chief was adamant about not issuing a new one.

“I don’t care how important he thinks he is, Officer Rozgerniety is a patrol cop. Uniform patrol cops don’t get fancy titles. They have a last name. That is it. If he wants some fancy title maybe the so-called doctor can go work at the hospital.”

Dr. Roz’s co-workers are very proud of his accomplishments. One supervisor who only talked to us if we left out his name said this.

“That young man is a real go getter. I wish we could get a few more like him working here. Do you know why he went and got his PhD? No… Let me tell you… He did it because his personal life went to shit. Wife left him and some other issues that are none of your business. Most guys would turn to drinking, not the Doc. No he channels his energy into bettering him self. You know what… because of him I am back in school getting my Bachelors degree.”

The chief though is not impressed.

“Anyone can get a PhD these days. Just pay enough money to University of For-Profit online and soon you too can have a title with a ton of debt.”

When we pointed out that Dr. Roz did not go to a degree mill he went to a real college the chief ended the interview. We then were kicked out of his office.

Dr. Roz is not too worried about not having the name badge with his new title.

“Everyone seems to know I earned something few people will earn in life. The other day I was at the district attorneys’ office to sign a criminal complaint. The DA had Doctor by my name. In court for a motion hearing the ADA made sure I said my title in court on the record for the judge. Why worry about something small like a name tag.”

Officer Rozgrniety PhD told us that he is teaching as an adjunct for a local college. He is working with some other working police officers with PhDs on a research project. In addition he has a contract to write a book about working as a cop and going back to school.

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