NYPD Tells North Korea to “Get Bent”

Hearing about the successes the NYPD has had with “Stop and Frisk”, Kim Jon Un the leader of North Korea asked if they could send officers to train his police. The NYPD responded to North Korea with a two word response…”GET BENT”.

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un

A spokesperson for the NYPD said this about the request. “We are patriots proud to be Americans. There is no way we are going to help that communist nut job.”

North Korea has come under increased pressure for human rights violations. Their police are said to be some of the most brutal in the world.

A North Korean spokesperson told us this. “The great leader wants to reform our police. He saw how much reform the NYPD has had. Stop and Frisk is such a great tool. If we could learn to Stop and Frisk citizens here our police could be more effective.”

But the top brass at the NYPD do not see it that way. “They are thugs. They will use stop and frisk as a way to abuse people. If the North Koreans got their hands on Stop and Frisk the people would suffer. They would be stopping random people and making random arrests on trumpet up charges.”

One NYPD source speaking off the record said the original reply was going to be “Fuck off” but Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said it was too profane.

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