City to issue official badges to Police Wives

After a rash of incidents where women tried to claim to be married to cops to get out of arrests one chief is now issuing badges his officer’s wives. The Chief in Coniux says this is a move to avoid future confusion and embarrassment.

Wife Badge

Wife Badge

“The fact these women have to put up with the odd hours and missed family events due to their husbands being cops they have earned some professional courtesy. We have had wives of our officers pulled over outside the city and were insulted after being issued citations. One wife was even arrested for impersonating an officer for her demanding to be left off on her speeding ticket.”

To combat this confusion the chief has ordered official city police badges for any wife wanting one. the only difference between officer badges and wife badges is the word “Wife” where the officer’s ID number should be.

Many police wife support groups are heralding this as a major step forward in the LEOW (Law Enforcement Officer Wife) rights movement. Many in the LEOW movement think that single cops do not fully respect what it takes to be married to a cop.

Thus far Police Husbands will not be issued similar badges. The chief would not comment on why he would not treat the husband’s of his female officers the same.

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