City disbands SWAT team due to public pressure… replaces with ERT team

Officers from Bonville will no longer have a SWAT team. Public pressure about police militarization has caused the city to disband the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. But to ensure that officers are ready for all eventualities the police department will create an Emergency Response Team (ERT).



Community members are thrilled to learn that their police department listened to their demands. While at the same time the PD is making sure they are able to provide top-level service to the citizens. Disbanding the SWAT team is something people have demanded for almost a year now.

In disbanding SWAT and creating ERT the city will see the following changes.

  • Black and Camouflage uniforms replaced with a dark blue, similar but still different from a patrol uniform
  • AR-15 rifles will be replaced with a gun called a UMP. It fires a .45 caliber bullet just like the Glock pistols the patrol officers carry
  • SWAT Sniper is no longer a spot on the team, but there will be an Emergency Sharpshooter position added
  • Officers will no longer use “breaching” techniques to enter a doorway. Now they will use Emergency Dynamic Entry to open and enter a door.
  • Specially trained paramedics will be added to the team to render medical aid faster on ERT calls

Bonville’s Mayor could not be happier with how this disbanding of the SWAT team is going.

“Our citizens were scared of the aggressive uniforms, big scary rifles, and destructive techniques. Now they are forgoing all that for a much gentler approach if and when a major event takes place.”

Neither the mayor nor the police chief would release the budget costs of making these changes. The mayor insisted that the cost is worth every penny to make the public feel safe from a militaristic police force, while at the same time actually still keeping them safe the actual criminals.

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