Texas’s plan for National Guard surge leaked

This week it was announced that Texas Governor Rick Perry was going to call upon the National Guard to stop the influx of illegal immigrants. Texas Sheriffs have questioned the wisdom of this plan. CallTheCops has learned what Texas will be doing with the guardsmen.

illegal aliens

Illegal aliens crossing texas

Many of the sheriffs along the border in Texas expressed concern for the plan to bring in troops. Guardsmen, they claim, are not sworn law enforcement officers so they [the military] do not have the legal authority to detain people on US soil. Nor would they have the power to investigate any crimes that happen upon on US land.

We have learned what the plan is and how these guardsmen will help stop the massive influx of illegal aliens.

Governor Rick Perry will deputize the military as Texas Rangers. The National Guard will thus be sworn law enforcement. Units will patrol the border and be able to detain anyone crossing illegally. The guard will have one other purpose.

Texas’s plan is to have the National Guard establish internment camps for the illegal immigrants. Construction battalions will create tent cities to house the detainees until deportation.

Border security is one of the missions for the Texas Rangers. So deputizing the military members called to service is rational. In addition internment camps are something the military uses all the time so this also is a rational decision.

When asked about how they will react to criticism over internment camps our source told us this. “These camps will be built just like many of the military housing that our service people live in on deployments. If the ACLU is going to claim inhumane housing, the complaints will be falling on deaf ears. If a house option is good enough for our soldiers, it is good enough for illegal aliens.”

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