Police find out local crazy man was not crazy; the CIA actually was after him

Officers affectionately call him “7Bob”, due to his always walking up and down 7th street. 7Bob had never been a nuisance or caused any troubles, so officers never had a reason to identify him. But from time to time officers would talk to him and he introduced himself simply as Bob.

Dominican_Crazy_Old_Man_by_maxmemories7Bob has been a local personality since the mid 1970s. He has always lived above Sullivan’s bar and nearly every day for the last 40 years walks 7th street end to end for hours at a time. Over the years he has done odd jobs for local business owners but never held a real job. He never seemed to date and locals can’t recall him ever befriending anyone.

The owner of Sullivan’s bar said this about 7Bob. “Back in the 70s and 80s about once or twice a year he would vanish for a few weeks. He would stop down to the bar, pay me rent in advance of the next month and say to hold his apartment for him. Then he walked to the Greyhound terminal.”

The police chief recalls talking to 7Bob back when he was a rookie cop walking a beat. “He never stated a conversation. If someone said hi to him only then would he stop to talk. Very guarded guy never told you anything about his life or where he was from. Always vague answers to personal questions. People all assumed he was a vet from Vietnam War who came here to get away from his past. Especially when he started to change and get a little weird. At first he was always dressed nice. Then he started to get more and more disheveled. Sometimes he was talking to himself. In the last few years you can just see the crazy blank look in his eyes. Officers stopped talking to him when he started asking them if the CIA sent the cops to eliminate him.”

The Chief went into detail how 7Bob while obviously had mental health issues, but was never a danger to community. Then this morning 7Bob was hit by car as he crossed 7th Street near Elm Street this morning.

Bob had a very old and expired driver license calming his name Bob Smith. But police were unable to locate any records for a Bob Smith with listed DOB or middle initial. Officers and hospital staff assumed maybe Bob has family who might have an interest helping with his recovery. So officers took Bob’s fingerprints and ran them in the database.

As the chief put it “That was when all hell broke lose”.

Bob it turns out was wanted. Wanted for murder, many multiple murders, actually assassinations. These assassinations took place in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and two in Europe. At a few scenes fingerprints were found, but never able to be linked to a person on file. At other scenes specifics of the killing linked crimes back to this unknown international assassin.

According to a confidential source at the FBI, Bob was some kind of one man KGB sleeper cell. When communism collapsed Bob was forgotten about. The assumption is that the KGB had some kind of signal or dead drop location on 7th street. Bob walked his route daily looking to see if he had a new assignment. Alone and with no contact with the KGB, naturally paranoia set in.

The police chief told us that about an hour ago some men in a black unmarked ambulance came to the hospital to take custody of 7Bob. “I just can’t believe it. How many crazy people think the CIA is out to get them. This time it turns out they were…”

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