Police Chief’s Wife busted in Prostitution Sting

Chief Lee Lincoln of Brazerville received a major surprise when officers contacted him about a successful prostitution sting operation. In less than a ten-hour period officers made seven arrests of local working girls. Most suspiring though was that one of the prostitutes arrested was the chief’s wife Olivia.


Chief’s wife rounded up in sting.

Earlier in the year the Brazerville police department received major department of justice grant to combat prostitution. Prior to this grant Brazerville police had made a number of successful busts dealing with escorts. One of these busts uncovered a human trafficking ring.

Happy with these early success the chief signed his investigators up for a number of training classes and conventions dealing with sex trafficking. The detectives then saw a posting about DOJ grant dollars for enforcement programs.

Brazerville police are finding that many of the working girls in their area are posting ads to various online classified ad sites. Many post they are offering massages, but customers are getting much more than a back rub.

The chief’s wife was busted based on a massage ad. No one from the department was willing to go on the record with CallTheCops. We did how ever receive a copy of the police report. The report written by officer Phil Broyles details his replying to the online ad and setting up an appointment to meet at a local hotel.

I arrived at the room I was instructed to go to. I knocked and a female in purple robe with a jet-black hair answered the door. She let me into the room. At this time I did not recognize the female, later I would find out she was Olivia Lincoln. I did not recognize her because of the heavy eye makeup she had on and due to her black hair being a wig.

Once inside the room she pointed to the nightstand. I set the $60 that we had already agreed upon for the massage on the nightstand. She then asked about “options”. I know from training and experience that “options” is code for topless or full nude. By asking about options she was up selling.

I said “Nude”.

She quoted a cost of $40 extra.

I agreed to that cost.

She then asked if about “Extra service”

I asked for “oral release”. This is code for oral sex.

She quoted a cost of an extra $50.

I then said, “That is a deal I can live with”, what was our code phrase for the arrest team to enter the room. An arrest team was monitoring me via my cell phone being on speakerphone. Right after I spoke the code phrase the arrest team used a master key for the hotel to open the door and take the female into custody.

The report then details how it was that the officer determined the female was their boss’s wife. Olivia Lincoln was booked into the county jail. See will have are initial appearance on Monday morning.

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