Police Chief makes officers wear bow ties in honor of Dr Who 50th anniversary

Chief Harkness of the Ianto police department is a major sci-fi geek So much so that in honor of the Dr Who 50th anniversary he is making bow ties part of his department’s official daily uniform. Why bow ties? Well as The Doctor often time says “Bow ties are cool”.

Dr who bow tie

Officer in Bow Tie

Dr Who is a television show created by the BBC in England fifty years ago. The show follows a time traveler who goes by the name “The Doctor”. This Doctor’s time machine is a device called the TARDIS. On the outside the TARDIS looks like a 1950 era police call box, but on the inside is a gigantic space ship. This Doctor is an alien who also had the technology to build stuff larger on the inside than the outside.

The show has lasted 50 years due to the fact that The Doctor is an alien that has many lives. When one actor is done playing the role, they “kill” him only to have The Doctor regenerate into a new person. This new person has all the memories and skills of The Doctor but just looks different and typically acts a little different also.

Dr Who appears in the US on PBS and various cable networks. New episodes air on BBC America, a cable channel, on Saturday nights.

Chief Harkness, tells us he started watching Dr Who back in the early 1980s on PBS. His fist experience with Dr Who was when Tom Baker was playing the role of The Doctor. The Chief had this to say. “The Doctor made me want to become a police officer. This is a person with an altruistic mission to help people, and stop evil. I knew I could never have a police box shaped TARDIS but I could have a cop car. Over the years I have watched dam near every Dr Who episode. Tom Baker was my first, but David Tennant truly was an awesome Doctor. Matt Smith, the current doctor, has also been great so to celebrate his run as The Doctor we are wearing bow ties. Matt Smith’s signature line is ‘bow ties are cool’.”

None of the Ianto Police officers were willing to go on record with us. One officer did say this about bow ties. “I guess this is important to the boss. I don’t fully get it but I think it has something to do with R2D2… or Gandalf… I don’t known. What ever… As long as I am not forced to put on a dumb ass PT belt like when I was in a Army I don’t care.”

Many of the staff here at CallTheCops are Dr Who fans… so we want to say HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY to all the people who involved in making the show…

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