Cardiac arrest victim suing 1st responders for saving his life

On a cold December morning customers at an Ankeny, IA gas station witnessed a miracle. Eric Nomad was getting coffee when he suddenly collapsed. A local police officer was also in the store at that time and saved Nomad’s life. Now Nomad is showing his gratitude by filing a civil lawsuit to cover all his medical expenses.


Police officer saves life with AED and is now being sued

Both Mr. Nomad and Officer Stuart Leopold declined to comment for this story citing the advise of their attorneys.

Officer Leopold did file a police report on the day of the incident. His supervisor also put Stuart in for a life saving award. Based on the documentation in the report and the award citation we were able to put this story together.

The officer was being held over from working midnights to cover half of a sick daytime officer’s shift. Stuart stopped at Pump-N-Go to get some caffeine and a breakfast sandwich. Officer Leopold was standing at the microwave when he saw Nomad shaking.

The patient later identified as Eric Nomad, was filling his coffee cup when suddenly he dropped the cup. Nomad then started to pull at his shirt collar with one hand as he grabbed onto the counter with the other. I stepped close to him, identifying myself as a police officer and asked if he was ok.

Nomad then fell forward onto the counter top, knocking the napkin dispenser and other coffee accessories over. I grabbed Nomad and helped him to the floor. I radioed to dispatch I had a medical emergency and requested EMS. An employee had came over and asked if he could help. I instructed the employee to stay with Nomad as I got my medical kit from the squad car in the parking lot.

When I returned the employee said he could not feel a heart beat. I opened Nomad’s shirt and applied the AED pads. The system advised a shock and one was administered. I then started CPR per the prompting from the AED. Just prior to the arrival of the Ambulance crew a second shock was administered. The EMTs took over patient care before CPR could resume.

Court document show that Nomad claims he has a living will. That living will specifically states, “No life sustaining measures shall be used”. Nomad who is from Cristal Lake, IL was transported to an Ankeny Hospital, which is outside his insurance network. Meaning Nomad incurred high medical expenses. According to documents Nomad also now had an Implantable Cardioventer-Defibrillator (ICD) installed and will spend his the rest of his life on prescription medications.

The court filing claims the ICD had had an adverse affect on Nomad’s quality of life. In addition the medical bills and ongoing medication costs have placed him in a fiscal hardship.

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