Anti-Police protestors victimized by street gang… hilarity ensues…

A group of people who are part of an organization called CopBlock found themselves the victims of theft. Members of CopBlock try to entrap police in civil rights violations to then file lawsuits. Now these anti police protesters are upset because the police would not violate the rights of suspects who victimized them.


CopBlock protestors cry when police follow the rules

The troubles started with three members of CopBlock walking around on Gibson Avenue with an AR-15 slung over one persons back. The other two followed the armed protestor with professional grade video cameras.

CopBlock in that past has done this to lure officers into detaining the armed protestor. These protestors then goad the officer into a verbal fight by refusing to answer the officer’s questions along with questioning the officer’s authority. If the protestors are able to push the officer into stepping over the line professionally, the videos are then used to sue the department.

Unbeknown to these CopBlock protesters, Gibson Street is the territory of the Vice Kings street gang. Before any patrol officers could respond, four gang members walked up to the three protesters. All four pulled handgun and demanded the protesters hand over the AR-15, the video cameras, and their wallets.

Officers responded to the mugging and took the complaint. Gang enforcement officers later made contact with some members of the Vice Kings but there was no probable cause to make an arrest or seek warrants.

The protesters filed a complaint stating the police did not do enough to get their property back.

At no time did we see the officer try to take DNA from the scene of the crime. One of the perps slapped Joey, which obviously should have left fingerprints. Again the police made zero effort to collect the prints off his cheek. This is basic CSI 101 and they did not do a thing. We even begged them to call the crime lab, but they flat out refused.

The cops also did not take searching for suspects seriously. We think the criminals went to one of the houses a block over from where we got mugged. The cops knocked on the doors and just talked to the people. They should have called in SWAT and kicked in all these doors. But no the lazy pigs just asked permission and accepted being told ‘no’ to a request to search.

The department involved was not willing to go on record citing fears of CopBlock filing a civil lawsuit. But a department administrator did point out the irony in how a group who exists to sue cops for civil rights violations, is now crying that the cops followed the rules and did not violate anyone’s rights.

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