Rhett Fleitz starts clothing company so he can finally get Firefighter shirts in his Man/Boy Size

Better known as the Fire Critic, blogger Rhett Fleitz has started into a new online adventure, a clothing company. Engine Company Apparel was started due to the fact Rhett was getting sick of buying all his firefighter shirts in the kids department.

When-I-Grow-UpThe blogger is famous for his wisdom laced writing and his extremely youthful looks. In his own words, “I have a birth certificate saying I am 38 years old, yet everyone says I act like a 18 year old and look like an 12 year old.”

As a firefighter he sees all his co-workers in awesome t-shirts they get from any of a number of firefighter apparel companies. Yet he is stuck in the clothing his wife buys him out of the kids section at Kohls and Target.

“Hey Brother you can’t believe how embarrassing it is to be at work in a shirt saying ‘when I grow up I want to be a fireman’. All the other guys have on cool shirts with slogans like ‘I face what you fear’ or ‘The hotter you get the faster firemen come’. No one makes awesome stuff like that for 12 year olds!”

The idea for Engine Company Apparel came when a coworker told Rhett to quit bitching and do something about his problem. Never one to pass up a good idea he ttok matters into his own hands and purchased a t-shirt printer. The Fire Critic promises he will make shirts that fit firefighters of all sizes.

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