Drunk Driver suing police for not catching him thus allowing him to get into crash

Various anti police web pages have been touting the Zip Lock bag tactic to avoid being stopped at a DUI check point. One Drunk driver used this method to avoid arrest but then crashed into a car filled with college students. The driver is now trying to sue the cops for allowing him to drive when drunk.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 10.01.47 PMJoe McCarthy went out drinking as part of a holiday party for his work. Realizing he had too much to drink he thought about calling a cab. Then he realized he was ready for any DUI check points due to a video he saw online.

The video states that people should put their driver license, vehicle registration, insurance card and printed sheet with a legal notice to police inside a zip lock baggie. That bag is then hung outside the car window when entering a DUI check point. Thus the police have all the information they beed related to the driver and registration, but will never get probable cause from smelling the odor of intoxicants. With out the intoxicant odor the police can’t detain someone for sobriety testing and as such must allow them to drive away.

McCarty saw did have to pass a DUI check point and the zip lock bag trick worked for him. For McCarthy he assumed being allowed to drive away was a lucky gift. Then one mile down the road he crossed the center line and hit a Kia Soul with his Chevy Tahoe. That Kia had four local college student in it, all four were pronounced dead at the scene.

Now Mr. McCarthy blames the police for not preventing this crash. According to his lawyer McCarthy is suffering major mental anguish for directly causing the lose of four lives. Had the police arrested McCarthy for DUI the kids would be alive and he would not have horrific memories.

Police Chief Herb Kohl says that anti Police web pages are to blame. “How can he blame us when he was following the legal advice of some random keyboard lawyer offering blogger land legal tips? Meanwhile we have fifteen other so called citizen journalist filming us just waiting to get some action so they can have this weeks viral video.”

Families of the victims are talking about class action lawsuit against anti police groups like cop-block. They want to reach out to other families who have been victimized by people hurt by suspects who escaped arrest using cop-block trickery.

We will update this story as it develops.

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