Apple pay comes to a traffic stop near you

Today marks the launch of Apple Pay and the Norland police are on the cutting edge with this technology. Officers working traffic will be armed with near-field communication (NFC) readers to accept payment roadside.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

The Chief tells CallTheCops. “I have been thinking about paying tickets at the time of the traffic stop for a long time now. The problem was always officer safety. With portable credit card readers the officer ended up with both hands busy. Now the officer just has a NFC in a pouch on their duty belt and the violator just holds up the phone to the window. Totally hands free and safe for the cops.”

According to the police chief the population will also love this. “We will not require payment at the side of the road. But is someone does pay at the time of the stop they get a 25% discount. Even if they pay at the stop they can still fight the citation on court and get a refund.”

Most members of the public questioned what the big deal was. One citizen said this. “I have had NFC on my phone for like two years. Google Wallet has been out for forever. Why when Apple finally catches up to others does it become cool?”

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