Wisconsin Police chief tells protesters “Stop comparing my cops to big city Police”

Chief Raymond Nitschke from the the city of Hornungberg police department had choice words for anti police protesters. The issue at hand was Hornungberg getting surplus military equipment. Activists, some in Cop Block t-shirts, lined up outside city hall yesterday to protest the militarization of their local cops.

Police Protest

Police Protest sign

According to the chief his department is not becoming militarized. The items his agency will be taking possession of are all very benign. “We are getting a couple of night vision goggles, and a HAZMAT gas meter thing. To be honest the gas meter is for the Fire Department not for us at the PD.”

Protesters were not swayed by the benign nature of the equipment comments. No one was willing to talk to CallTheCops on the record for fear of retaliation by local police. The general sentiment was that night vision was not needed by cops who have access to flashlights.

Many protesters carried signs that showed photos of depicting alleged police abuses and excessive force situations. All of these photos were of cops from New York and Los Angeles.

Chief Nitschke felt protesters are being in his words “Stupid”. The chief told us “Look at them. They are trying to say that because some big city cops crossed the line my officers are also poorly trained hotheads. I can assure you my guys and gals are well trained and professional police. We will not use night vision goggles to indiscriminately kill citizens in the dark!”

Mayor William Perry said he was inclined to side with protesters. “I checked out the videos from the links in the Cop Block brochure they handed me this morning. Obviously that handful of unconnected incidents are proof all police in the USA are out of control. As such there is no way I can allow police here to get these potentially deadly night time seeing devices.”

When asked to respond to the Mayors comments the Chief told us he was busy, drafting his retirement letter.

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