University study, 98% of cops never were bullied as kids

Arrestees often times accuse police officer of having been the victims of bullying in high school. The common assumption is that people seek out a career in police work to get back at the people who bullied them.


Do I look like I was bullied in school?

But a team of researchers has uncovered that very few cops got into police work to get back at bullies. As a matter of fact very few cops have ever been bullied.

The article is set to publish in the Journal of Police In Social Standings in February. Dr. Ron Harris the leader of the research time was kind enough to give CallTheCops a little preview.

CtC: What made you want to study police officers being bullied in High School?

Dr: When I was an officer almost every week some scrotbag said he bet I was a little wimp in school who was bullied. They would say I just became a cop so I could hunt down the people who bullied me and then bully them with tickets.

CtC: Are we to guess you were never bullied in school.

Dr: No Never. I was a starting wide receiver on our football team. Won state championships two years in a row. Was recruited to play in college on a scholarship even.

CtC: So how did you do this study.

Dr: We contacted the police chiefs at a dozen police departments of various sizes all over the US. The departments picked were done so at random. Literally tossed a dart at a map and used the closest city.

With the permission of the chief we gave each officer a survey to fill out. Very short and easy to complete. The survey will be published with the article next month if you want to see it.

Once we had gotten back all the surveys we crunched the numbers to get our results.

CtC: And what were the results?

Dr. The biggest finding was that 98% of the officers report they were never bullied. We know this with confidence due to asking different wordings of basically the same question. We never came out asking about bullying. But the questions asked would elicited a response that gave us a likelihood for bullying.

We also found that many officers were somewhat popular in school. Sport teams, clubs, and other extracurricular activities were normal for officers.

With out saying to much that spoils the full article it is safe to say we disproved the idea that police seek out this career to get back at the people who once bullied them.

CtC: Ok… well it looks like our time is up. Thank you Dr. Harris for you time and for disproving the myth that all are bullying victims looking to get back at the society that bullied them.

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