Turns out Gluten Free Firefighter does not have Celiac Disease, he is just a jerk.

Firefighter Chris Fisher has been a bane to his shift mates for about two years now. He insists that the firehouse be Gluten Free whenever he is on duty. Turns out his Gluten free ways are not medically necessary; he is just being a jerk.

Gluten Free

Gluten Free Isle at store

Celiac Disease is a disorder that causes people to be unable to digest wheat gluten. Persons with this disease are for lack of a better term allergic to many wheat products. Meaning they are unable to eat most breads, rolls, buns, and pastas. Unless these items are made with Gluten Free products.

Typically in cooking Gluten Free rice flour, sorghum flour, or xanthan gum is used as a substitute for wheat flour. Making breads and pastas with many of these substitutes tends to create a foods that are dry, dense and generally taste like crap. It also cost more to buy most Gluten Free ingredients.

About two years ago FF Fisher told his shift mates he needed the station to be Gluten Free due to his dietary needs. Everyone assumed he had been diagnosed as Celiac. But yesterday at a 4th of July cookout the Fisher was seen eating a burger on a normal bun.

Captain Hanson confronted Fisher. “I went up to him and asked about the bun. He looks at me and said he was doing a cheat day.”

Turns out Fisher is just a jerk who assumed that going gluten free was a diet for weight loss and muscle gain. No body bothered to ask why he was going gluten free.

“We are back on shift on Sunday” Captain Hanson told us. “I am going to be sitting the crew down to explain that we are no longer a Gluten Free shift. If Fisher wants to have special foods he can buy them on his own. As a crew we will be getting what we want to eat.”

Calls and Email to Firefighter Fisher have not been returned.

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