Texas establishes protocols for police response to ebola

The Texas Association of Police Standards (TAPS) has created a model policy for law enforcement agencies in response to Ebola. Given the number of Ebola cases in Texas TAPS is taking a proactive approach to keeping police, sheriff deputies and constables all safe.



This new protocol is being adopted by many agencies across the state and other states are looking at it as to create their own policy. The policy is simple and has only four key points to remember…

  • When an EMS call that sounds like Ebola symptoms comes across the radio drive in the opposite direction the ambulance is going.
  • If EMS calls for assistance claim being busy and say the fire department has to provide that assistance
  • Listen to which hospital that ambulance will be responding to for the remainder of the shift do not go to that hospital for prisoners needing legal blood draws related to DUI nor for prisoners needing medical aid due to use of force
  • Alert the next shift about what hospitals to avoid until the hospital reports all clear

Law enforcement experts across the nation are heralding this as a amazing policy. EMS experts find it dubious at best.

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