If you had time to read our article recently about “hero’s not wanted” you already know what happens to a planes GPS unit when someone is shocked on a plane using a new smart de-fib units. Basically the plane landed in Iran but the GPS told the pilots it was in Las Vegas. Well now we know what happens if the same events occur in a FDNY Ambulance equipped with a smart De-fib with the New Gps units installed.

FDNY Lost in Florida

FDNY Lost in Florida

About 2 weeks ago one singe unit from Lower Manhattan was given a Brand New 4 door Ambulance equipped with a Brand New Prototype GPS unit and Smart De-fib. For years the City’s EMS units have had Gps technology but it only meant Headquarters Knew where they were and direction of travel, it was never able to tell a crew of traffic jams or how to get to a location of a 911 call. Seems retarded, right? Not if your the chief with the front row Lakers tickets for the kick back on the old Gps system.

So 2 weeks ago the FDNY tried to correct this problem. All was going well stated one EMT,”the only problem was The dam thing kept taking us to Starbucks on our down time, everyone knows we can’t afford that coffee on our salary” It also was preprogrammed with every known Porter potty location for when the crew needed to use the bathroom. “we are not allowed back to the Fire House like the Firefighter stated one Medic, we have to sit in our trucks on street corners and use public Bathrooms”.

In 1996 FDNY promised Brand new EMS stations Around the city, a promise still not met today , but the FDNY admits to changing the seats in the Ambulances to a old 1959 Airline’s First class seats so the EMS workers have more comfort. ” Their sitting in first class seats from 1959, no other Ambulance has First class seating? They need to drop the crybaby routine about the promised new stations not being built by now” One Fire Chief had to say. “We haven’t replaced the Flat screens TV’s in Fire houses for the Firefighter in 4 years, yet you don’t hear them crying”?

Getting back on topic, we knew what happened when a smart de-fib was used on a plane and today we now know what happens when the same smart de-fib is used on the new Ambulance. A picture floating around a Closed Facebook Page for City Medics shows a FDNY Ambulance in the state of Florida. The Picture 100% Real. The FDNY Ambulance is indeed is in Florida, but its location is no mistake. The crew hold up in a Disney Based Hotel until FDNY figures Out how to Get them home and with the New Rules of EMS Workers not allowed to fly as the ” Hero’s Not Wanted” article pointed out it looks like it will be a exciting ,relaxing 24 hour drive home.

The crew aboard had this official comment ” we De-fibbed this patient and next thing we know, the GPS takes us on a long journey to Bellevue Hospital. Instead the GPS drove them to Orlando Florida. Just like the Plane Incident a few weeks ago the GPS Became confused after use of the Smart de-fib and Directed the crew to where it thought the hospital was. The patient involved was brought to Disney’s Local Hospital and actually walked out 5 days later, where he went to Disneyworld on a visit. Apparently Free Park passes included with every hospital Visit. So there it is, it seems the new Gps Units will be pulled from the New Trucks Asap.

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