Ghost Hunters Crew Proves Ghosts Exist

Deep in the hollows of a misty Mississippi night, Zack Bagans and his camera crew expected to find something- but what they found in that Vicksberg battlefield-cum-salvage yard was confirmation that the paranormal exists. They had come to Vicksberg to speak with the ghosts of the Civil War veterans killed here, but what they found in the back of the derelict ambulance was far more active than the battlefields they’d come for.

The wrecked ambulance in question.

The wrecked ambulance in question.

“It was crazy, man. We were drawn to it.” Nick Groff, one of Mr. Bagan’s crew, commented as he idly repacked gear scattered about. “We got there, we set up the cameras and marked our spots and we just felt drawn to it, even during the day. I mean, you can feel them. It’s a battlefield. But it wasn’t just the ground or the wrecks- those were creepy, yes, but this ambulance was different.”

Nick and his crew analyzed the footage with CallTheCops- and for pseudoscience, it’s pretty convincing. The ambulance in question is a 1997 E-450 McCoy-Miller, with fading paint and a lethal-looking rhythm scarred into its greying sides. It sits lopsided on flat, rotted tired and a wrecked front end that put it here in 2007. Long since stripped of useful parts, the ambulance still boasts cabinets, red vinyl benches and a family of rats that lives within the old passenger seat. But under the watchful eyes of the Ghost Hunters’ cameras, the old rig’s lights faintly strobe in a schizophrenic pattern. The three investigators walk toward the truck.

“We all felt the attraction” commented Groff. “So we decided that there must have been an attraction there. We did an EVP session in there, with a Ouija board, our Ovulus spirit box and an old back brace we found in the side cabinet as a trigger object.”

What the camera caught next shocked even veteran tow-truck driver Bobby Jo Jackson, owner of the yard, and our intrepid reporter. “We started the session out slowly, with the spirit box just hissing at random and the board motioning at random in a circular pattern…and then, a few minutes later, it all went crazy!” Bagans insists that he felt a searing pain in his chest, one that crushed him and that he felt like he was drowning while a faceless figure seemed to hover over him, repeatedly stabbing needles into his arms before an intense desire to urinate came over him and cold air flowed into his nose until it bled and the spirit box announced repeatedly that he was going to be fine. “I felt like I died choking and pissing myself.”

Meanwhile, Aaron and Nick were being tormented themselves- Aaron reported that he was strapped to a board and left to write in agonizing pain while the spirit box shouted “BLS before ALS” with a stranglehold around his neck, while Nick was subjected to pain that seemed to tear apart his abdomen while a voice remarked that “we can’t treat abdominal pain”. “I very rapidly felt like throwing up- and then they were shoving something down my throat, with me awake. Paralyzed, but not able to talk. I was at their mercy.”

Video evidence was ample- ghostly figures phase in and out, and the three investigators are seen to contort to unnatural positions, their bodies seemingly no longer their own. “It seems that this ambulance has carried spirits not only of the people who died in the back, but the spirits of the ambulance drivers who attended to them” said Bagans, still visibly shaken after the encounter. “It’s not solid proof- not yet- but I believe. For the first time in a long time, I really do believe. We were possessed in there.” Bagans and crew are getting full medical assessments- and they have already expressed an intent to return. “We’re going to contact those spirits, find out why they are trapped in there. This is the most active paranormal location anyone has ever heard of.”

Longtime local paramedic Denise Gordon, asked to review the footage, is indecisive, but she does admit that the encounters- documented on infrared camera and voice recorder- are terrifying. “All of us knew the buses were haunted, but it was a myth- how could we prove it? These guys, though…well, it’s not solid evidence, but we put people on backboards every day for less evidence. If ghosts are real, I don’t see why a few of them wouldn’t be angry at us.” She had a scared look in her eyes as she considered the implications. “More than a few, to be honest.”


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